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Deformed Bar Anchors or Def Bar Anchors

Deformed bar anchors, also known as DBAs, DBA anchors, or def bar anchors, are construction fasteners that add load support between concrete surfaces and building elements. They are similar to headed studs and are used when extra holding power and enhanced material strength is required. They are attached to precast columns, beam connections, steel plates, and other parts meant to be attached to concrete. Tensile strength is approximately 80,000 psi and yield strength is approximately 70,000 psi. 
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Def bar anchors are typically made from low-carbon steel and are sometimes specified as carbon steel DBA anchors. ASTM A496 DBA anchors are the common spec associated with these fasteners. They are plain finished. Their deformed bar surface helps to secure their hold within the concrete.

Standard diameters of deformed bar anchors range from 1/2 to 5/8 inch and lengths are as short as 12 1/8” to as long as 60 1/8”.

When sourcing these fasteners for construction applications, it is of the utmost importance that they are made from high-quality steel and to careful integrity and uniformity standards. It’s wise to purchase from a reputable anchor distributor that also performs its own in-house testing and inspection practices.    

What Is A Deformed Bar Anchor?

A deformed bar anchor is a low carbon steel fastener that adds supporting tensile and yield strength within various concrete applications. They are similar to headed studs with divots lining the shaft. Deformed bar anchors are specially utilized when enhanced material strength and holding power are needed. 

Where Are Deformed Bar Anchors Used?

Deformed bar anchors are used in concrete connections along with beams, steel plates, precast columns, and other welded construction elements. They are typically welded directly to steel elements and installed directly into concrete to create a permanent connection. 

What Are ASTM A496 DBA Anchors?

ASTM A496 DBA anchors are def bar anchors that have no finish and are made from deformed, cold-worked carbon steel. The ASTM A496 specific also determines standards for deformed steel wire used for concrete reinforcement. Deformed bar anchors that meet this specification are specially made to be high-strength.  

Why Are Def Bar Anchors Deformed?

The deformed descriptor of deformed bar anchors refers to the indentations or divots that line the surface of these fasteners. These indents are arranged in a pattern to create an irregular surface that helps to promote a stronger bond when placed in concrete.  

Where Do I Buy Deformed Bar Anchors?

Deformed bar anchors can be purchased from construction fastener distributors. When purchasing these components, it’s important to consider their integrity and performance. Buying for a reputable construction fastener supplier that completes its own testing and inspection processes is highly recommended. As these components are used to create high strength connections in critical structural applications, it is very important that they are made to stringent quality standards. A good distributor should be able and willing to verify their quality. 

Are Deformed Bar Anchors The Same As Weld Studs?

Deformed bar anchors are different from weld studs, although they are used in similar ways. Weld studs are threaded or plain while deformed bar anchors feature deformations in their surface to aid in bonding with concrete. Both of these fasteners are meant to be welded to steel plates and other structural connection parts.