Coil Thread Drop-In Anchors Are Construction Fasteners

These cylindrical components are opened at both ends, are internally threaded and are used in the joining of structural elements. They are meant to be paired with a threaded fastener, typically a bolt, and installed into pre-drilled holes.

Coil threaded drop-in anchors are used in concrete. Once the hole is drilled, the anchor is dropped in place and a setting tool is used to expand it so it’s properly anchored in the concrete. A male-end fastener with coil threading can then be drilled in place in order to install beams, columns, and other elements.

As they are used in critical connections, they must be made from tough materials like carbon steel. They are also finished with zinc and other coatings to enhance corrosion resistance.

When choosing coil threaded drop-in anchors, the diameter is a key specification. This measurement is essential for pairing the anchor with the right size bolts and drilling properly sized holes in the concrete. Usually, holes that extend a minimum of 1/2” beyond the depth of the anchor are required to ensure a proper hold.

Coil thread drop-in anchors are meant to be a permanent part of an installation. Removal requires cutting through the assembly or pouring over the installation with a new layer of concrete.

Although coil thread drop-in anchors are traditionally meant to be used in concrete, they can be used in denser masonry and stone.

Coil thread drop-in anchors can be sourced in large quantities from fastener distributors. It is best to source them from a regional supplier to save on the cost of freight and to ensure traceability and reliability when it comes to the integrity of the fasteners.

What Are Coil Threaded Drop-In Anchors?

Coil threaded drop-in anchors are internally threaded construction anchors that are used in predrilled holes. They are a female-end component that is permanently installed into concrete using a special setting tool. Upon installation, the anchor expands and which then secures it in the concrete. The internal coil threads allow bolts and other threaded fasteners to be screwed in place in order to form a connection with other building elements.

How Are Coil Threaded Drop-In Anchors Installed?

Coil thread drop-in anchors require predrilled holes to be made in the concrete or other dense stone installation surface. The holes should be at least 1/2” deeper than the depth of the anchor and of a corresponding diameter to the anchor’s diameter. The coil threaded anchors are then dropped in and set using a special setting tool. The setting tool expands a portion of the anchor so that it fits securely into the hole. Once this process is complete, a threaded fastener can be inserted and tightened into the anchor along with whatever structural elements are being attached.

Are Coil Threaded Drop-In Anchors Permanent?

Coil threaded drop-in anchors are meant to be a permanent part of an installation. To be removed, they must be cut out of the concrete. If they are installed deep enough, it’s possible to disassemble any bolts or parts installed and then pour new concrete into the anchors.